Monthly Goals

Hello May 3

These monthly goals posts seems to be getting closer together. Is it just me or is time just really flying by without anyone noticing. I feel like it’s a trick!

I like to be honest in my blogs, so I am not going to lie, April was hard for me. I had a lot more bad days than good ones, I was unproductive and had no motivation to do much. But I am not going to beat myself up over it. It happened and I need to forgive myself and look forward. I maintain that knowing everything isn’t going to be perfect a 100% of the time, makes it easier to accept your bad days. But May has arrived! A chance for a fresh start and a new goal to reach for.

May Quotes

There really hasn’t been much difference in my goals over the past few months and I am okay with that. They are a working progress and sometimes it takes a little longer to reach some goals than usual.

Blog Goals

  • I need to get out more and get some photos that I can use for the blog.
  • I would love to increase my site traffic numbers.
  • I’d like to increase my social media following.
  • I want to plan some interesting future posts for you all.

Personal Goals

  • I need to continue with my meditation to help me get through some days.
  • I want to work on my fiction writing.
  • Work on getting the daily goals that I set myself. Any and all victories count.
  • I need to get my water intake up to where it was again.

Bear with me this month as I get back into my blogs. I want to make sure that I am happy with the post and that people are going to want to read them and not just posting for the sake of it! Happy May lovely people, I hope you have an excellent and success month filled with happiness and joy.

Hello May 2

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