My Favourite Bloggers

Recently, I’ve been really into reading blogs again. I do love watching vlog, but I love just sitting down some mornings and reading a blog. Usually in the morning, I sit and have my breakfast and read a blog. There’s something quite peaceful and mindful about. It helps me to clear my head and take a minute for myself in case I don’t have another chance.

My favourite kind of blogs and anything lifestyle, beauty, travel, interiors, photography and mental health. I love when bloggers share there own decorating ideas and show you bits and pieces they have done themselves. It’s a good way to find inspiration. I also love bloggers who talk about their mental health journeys too, as everyone’s is different, but the tips that some people come up with that help them might be something that will help you.

I would have to say that if I have to choose my favourite bloggers, I would say that 4 come to mind that I love and regularly check out and read.

  • Tanya Burr

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