First Day Of Spring

Happy first day of spring! I think this is a very fitting one for my 100th blog post!

Spring 3

So today is officially the first day of Spring which is marked by the Vernal Equinox that takes place in the Northern Hemisphere. This means that the amount of daylight and darkness is approximately equal. On the Equinox, Earth’s two hemispheres are receiving the sun’s rays equally.

Signs of the Equinox in Nature

  • Worms begin to emerge from the earth.
  • Birds begin migrating North.
  • Trees, shrubs and flowers begin to start blooming and growing again.
  • Snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils find their way through the dirt.
  • Birds start building their nests.
  • Bluebells begin to carpet woodlands.

I think spring is such a beautiful season, as things begin to renew and start to grow. We have beautiful clear skies and its a nice temperature outside (not all the time thou), its cold but there a bit of warmth when the sun comes out.

Happy First Day of Spring!!!

And what a beautiful day it is!!!


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