A Dreamer’s Dream

I think we all like to dream about the things we would do if we were given the chance, came into money or ever won the lottery. I know that I definitely do (then again that could just be me). Dreaming being the operative word in all this.

Dreamer 2

There’s a lot of things that I would love to do. Of course I’d to the obligatory thing of giving amounts of money to my parents and sister. That’s a given, but I’m talking about the things I would do for myself. I don’t mean that in a selfish sense. There’s a certain thing or things that we would all do for ourselves after all other responsibilities are dealt with.

I think it’s just how my brain thinks sometimes. I am a day dreamer!!

Dreamer 5

  • I would build my dream home – I frequently dream of my own home, what I would do, have it would look. That I think that is the first thing I would do. Design the layout, the look and everything in between. I don’t want a big huge house, but I want things to look good, and know that it would be cozy and homey like every home should be.
  • I’d buy myself a car – that is something that I look forward to, being able to buy my first car. I think if I had the money I would have a bigish, sturdy car, that doesn’t feel a slight breeze. If I want to be specific, it would certainly have to be a Range Rover.
  • Another thing I would do, is that I would travel – I would absolutely love the chance to travel and tick off my travel bucket list. I want to experience and try different things. But just imagine it, having the ability to travel and have no money worries what so ever. I’d imagine that would be the best feeling ever.

If I am completely honest, that all I would really do if I ever won the lottery. I would just make sure that my life would be comfortable and that I experienced life. I don’t want 20 different cars or homes in different countries. I would totally be happy with a comfortable life.

Gosh, I know how to dream, even as I write all this, it makes me so jealous of what Shannon has in her alternative universe. A girl can wish! But it’s nice to dream from time to time, even if it is a better world than reality.

Dreamer 3


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