Monthly Goals

Hello March 3

We should be starting to see spring flowers, bluer skies, longer, brighter evenings. But right now, it’s cold af and snowing. The Beast from the East is firmly here.

I do love the snow and the cold. And right now I feel like a kid, all giddy and excited about the snow. But I think I would prefer spring days. I just really love the beautiful skies on a cool spring day.

I must say that I did really well with achieving and sticking with my goals this month. There have been some slip ups but I haven’t beaten myself up over it. Each day is a new fresh start. The main thing is, I don’t give up, I get back up and back at it.

Hello March

Blog Goals

  • I want to do more photography than I am doing now.
  • I need to get my views on my posts increased.
  • I need to sit down and do some blog planning for the next few months.
  • I want to continue on just my social stats increased.

Personal Goals

  • I have to get back into my daily meditation.
  • Write more often – I need to set a specific time for just writing.
  • Continue hitting my daily targets.
  • Get into a better exercise routine.

Hello March 2

Happy March Everyone!!


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