T.V Series Review

This month’s T.V series review is season one of Elementary. Elementary first aired in 2012 and is currently beginning it’s sixth season.

Elementary My Dear Waston

T.V Series Summary 

Elementary is a modern take on the cases of Sherlock Holmes with the detective now living in New York.

Sherlock Holmes is a recovering addict who meets Dr Joan Watson as his “sober companion”. Initially their relationship is strictly professional and some what frosty, but they grow to understand and work with one another, eventually forming a friendship and a partnership. Together they assist Captain Thomas Gregson and Detective Marcus Bell of the NYPD, where Holmes’ observational abilities and deductive talent unravel a series of complicated cases.

Along side his police work, Sherlock struggles with a past he left behind in London involving an ex-girlfriend, Irene Adler, a “nemesis” in Moriarty and an absent father.

T.V Series Review

The series begins with a newly sober Sherlock Holmes in New York living in the Brown Stone. It all begins with that first meeting between Sherlock and Dr Joan Watson, a sober companion who was hired by Sherlock’s absent father. An agreement was made by Sherlock and his father, if Sherlock wanted to remain in New York, he had to remain sober and therefore had to have the service of a sober companion.

First and foremost, I loved this version of Holmes and Watson. From the very beginning the characters are seriously funny, they click right of the bat and their chemistry as friends really does make the show.

At the beginning, the both of them seem to clash as the adjust, especially as Joan has to adjust to the quirky ways of Sherlock. Joan really tries to get the very stubborn and emotionally stunted Sherlock to open up, take about his issues and to attend his meetings, in order to protect his sobriety.

But as the series continues, it is very heart-warming to watch the friendship grow between the both of them. You see the mostly distant Sherlock begin to care greatly for Watson, you could say that the love each other in a best friend kinda way.

Even though Sherlock has a great talent as a Consulting detective, having Joan in his life seems to help him work better and clearer than he has in a long time. You could say that his partnership with Joan gives him a purpose in life at that moment in time when he needs it the most.

The series brings up a lot of cases that may jeopardise Sherlock’s sobriety. A killer has followed him from London to New York and has brought up some serious buried feelings about the love of his life Irene Alder. The reason that caused Sherlock to go to rehab. This might be the only chance his has to catch his nemesis Moriarty once and for all with the help of Joan, Gregson and Bell.

Elementary the TV Series

Let me know if you have watched it and what your thoughts are. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. You’ll thank me for it!!!



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