Monthly Goals

I know that many people dont like this time of year, but I really enjoy it. It has a sense of freshness to it. Flowers are beginning to grow. It’s brighter for a little bit longer in the evenings. The air is cold but the sun still shines through.

Hello February 4

February is almost like a chance for a new start again. Pretty much like a New Year’s take two.

Hello February 3

There is plenty of fun things coming this month that I am really looking forward to writing and getting into. So stay tuned for all that.

Blog Goals

  • I want to create my own brand logo for my website.
  • I want to re-design my site. Now that I really know the feel of things, I want to tailor it to my theme.
  • I’d like to have more structure to my posting times.
  • I am really working hard on trying to get my social stats up.

Personal Goals

  • I want to continue to hit my daily step goals that I have set myself.
  • I want to workout 3 times a week to get my health in check.
  • I need to stick to my morning routine to help keep things a lot more structured.
  • I’d love to really start writing a lot more stories.

Hello February

I hope this month is an excellent one for all my readers. Hello February.



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