Why Do I Blog?

For me, I think it’s important to be as truthful as possible if you have your own blog or website. I think it’s important that your readers get to know you and vice versa. That has been the reason behind some of my recent and some of my future blogs. It’s a get to know me/ reason why I kinda thing.

So today’s theme is “Why Do I Blog?”

I love to write, since I was a child, I was always writing silly stories. My imagination was always full of ideas, characters and storylines. I have always had a creative personality, I love working with my hands and trying my best to bring my ideas to life. I am the sort of person that once I get something into my head, I have to do it as soon as I can, its almost like it needs to be done once its in my head.

I remember when people used to ask me as a child, “what did I want to be when I grew up”. My answer always revolved around writing or drawing. For years, I put the writing aside, and tried to forget about it. But there was always that part of my brain that was always thinking of a storyline and characters. I think it got more frequent when I really got into reading. I really did forget how much I loved it. It almost has the same effect as reading does for me. It transports me to a different reality. Not only do I love, it has been a very good mechanisms that I can use to help with my anxiety and depression.

So my answer is I blog because I want to write. I love to write. I want to be able to write things that matter, that entertain people, and that educate people. I know I have only really started fully blogging, I know some things do need a lot of work. But I love being able to write and create whatever comes to mind. I really do I have passion and love of writing and I do hope that comes across when you are reading my posts.


I am finally branching out and have started writing stories again, I hope they will become something that I will be proud of and able to share with you all. At the minute, they are only scraps, but I am getting there and I am really loving every aspect of it.

My advice for anyone and everyone, if there is something you want to do in life but are afraid to do it, or afraid of what people might think. Fuck it, who cares what they think. If it makes you happy then there is no better reason to do something, that is really all that matters. Plus you’ll never know if it’s truly for you if you never give it a go.


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