The Meaning Behind My Blog Name

It took me a long time to decide on a blog name that I loved. Believe me there were a lot of duds in the mix. But Passion for Life really stood out for me. I really wanted it to represent me and who I am as a person.

I think Passion for Life represents me to a tee. It stands for why I love to write. While I was creating my blog, I had been going through a lot of things. I talked about it all in the “Beating the Blues” Post.

Passion for Life stood out for me as it described how I felt coming out the other side of all the shit. I choose life, to live it as fully as I possibly could. As will as that, it combines my passion to live, to do what I love (which of course is writing) and for creating in general, be it writing, drawing or photography. Personally, it all ties together for me. It is a promise that I made to myself in an awful time in my life and something I choose now to live by.

Passion for Life is something I want to grow, to be its own brand, to inspire people that they can choose to create the passion in their own lives, like I have in mine. I feel it in my bones that Passion for Life is going to be something that I will be proud of.



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