Cuddle Up Day

There’s no better excuse to have a cuddle than it being Cuddle Up Day. January can have such cold, long days. So what a better warm to spend it, keeping warm cuddling, whether it’s your favourite human, favourite canine or favourite feline.

Cuddle up day

Cuddling is also good for the mind, body and spirit. Cuddling releases oxytocin. This hormone has huge health benefits. It keeps us warm, makes us happy and also helps to reduce pain. With these cold, dull days, our muscles and joints can seize up and cause discomfort, so cuddling can help ease that. The hormone oxytocin can help to reduce our blood pressure, stress and anxiety. Therefore, cuddling is a non-medicated way to help deal with mental health issues.

Cuddle Up Day 2

Not only does cuddling have health benefits, it also helps in making our relationships stronger. Cuddling can communicate trust, commitment, safety and reassurance.

We underestimate the power of cuddling and need to do it a lot more. So celebrate cuddle day today by hugging your friends and family, spend the day in bed cuddling with your special someone or persuade your pet to cuddle on the couch with you.

Cuddle Up Day 3

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