Christmas 2017

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas spent with family and friends. I definitely did. I spent a lot of time with my family and ate more than I should have and didn’t feel guilty about it. That’s what Christmas is about.

I got well and truly spoilt this Christmas, even at 22 years old age I still feel like 10 years old at Christmas.

I thought I’d share some of my photos for my Christmas and the presents that I received.

I still set up my presents for Christmas morning to make it look like Santa came. Its the child in me!

Obviously because I love Harry Potter and Puzzles, these are the best additions for my Library. I’m extremely excited for the 3D model of the Hogwarts Castle!!

And of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without some new additions to the bookshelves.

If you have seen a tour of my bookshelves, you know I am a collector of the POP figure especially the Harry Potter ones. This Christmas I have welcomed Luna Lovegood, Bellatrix Lestrange and Mad-eye Moody.

I love Vans, and the new Peanuts collection are just so cute. I have a pink pair that I got for my birthday. Who doesn’t love Snoopy. My favourite present at Christmas are pyjamas and I got plenty of pairs, from Disney to Sesame Street. I got this gorgeous Alice In Wonderland scarf, it’s so pretty and elegant loving. Do I even have to say anything about Chip?! Best mug ever!!

I have turned into that person now. I have only started wearing makeup and I am already obsessed. Everything I got are all Kat Von D Beauty Products. Not everything I got is in the picture, but here is the full list.

  • Shade and Light Contour Palette
  • Shade and Light Contour Quad in Rust
  • Everlasting Liquid Lipstick set – Madrid, Exorcism, Lovecraft, Ludwig, Sanctuary, Hawkwind, Damned, Witches
  • Everlasting lip liner trio – Homegirl, Hawkwind, Lolita
  • Everlasting Glimmer Veil in Rocker
  • Everlasting Glimmer Veil in Reverb
  • Lock it Mini Baking Duo
  • Pastel Goth Eyeshadow Palette
  • Metal Crush in Raw Power
  • Metal Crush in Thunderstruck
  • Lolita Eyeshadow/Blush 

    Last but not least, the best Nightmare Before Christmas lantern ever. It’s the cutest thing ever. Need I say more. Who doesn’t love Sally and Jack!!

    I couldn’t end my blog without putting in any of my family photos. From my family to yours, I hope you had a brilliant Christmas and wish you all A Happy New Year!!!

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