My Christmas Traditions

I keep saying it, but Christmas is my favourite time of year. It’s the thing I look forward to the most. The past few years, I have gotten into my own traditions and some that I still stick to from my childhood. So I thought I’d share them with you!

My Christmas Traditions

I’m the person that start Christmas shopping in June. I like to be done and finished by the end of October. That way I can enjoy Christmas and don’t have the stress and worries of late shoppers.

Usually on the 2nd/3rd of November I buy all my Christmas gift wrapping essentials and some new decorations for both the tree and the house.

My tree goes up on the second week in November. I spend the whole day decorating the house, dancing around the house to Christmas songs, getting glitter everywhere. Then once everything is up, decorated and lit, I get into my new Christmas pyjamas and watch a classic Christmas movie.


I normally pick a rainy wintery day to do my Christmas wrapping. I get the heat on, christmas movies on and hot chocolate is a must. Then I spend my day wrapping and making everything look so pretty. It is one of my favourite things to do at Christmas, it definitely gets me into the festive spirit.

Christmas really begins on the 23rd of December for me. The 23rd is my Auntie’s birthday, so all the family go to visit and spend the day at her house. Everyone’s there, my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. It’s the one of the few times when everyone’s in the same room together. It’s more about celebrating her birthday than Christmas though. But it’s a fun way to get you excited for Christmas.

I love dec 2

Christmas Eve is probably my favourite day, it’s the whole build up of it all. I have my own thing that I have done the past few years. It has definitely become my traditions. I always get up really early and I go visit my Mum in the morning. We go round the family and do the present drop offs, picking up last minute things, visiting the grandparents and usually we get something to eat before the town gets mental and you are just stuck in traffic, bumper to bumper. I just love that Christmas atmosphere. I’m usually home though before things get to hectic. I get everything ready and sorted for Christmas day. There’s usually and Christmas cooking show that I stick on in the background of doing that. The evening is the best bit, my Dad and me go and visit my Nanny and Auntie and take in all the Christmas Dinner cooking smells. It gets you so excited for the next day. I have always spent my Christmas Eve evening with my sister, and we still do it. We get into our new jammies because new christmas jammies are a must for us. We watch the Muppets version of A Christmas Carol and stuff our faces. It’s a tradition that I hope we will have in years to comes and do it together when we have our own children

On Christmas Morning, I wake up my Dad really early, like the big child that I am, to open up our presents. I then get into my New Clothes, because that is also a must. My Mum always made sure that we had a new outfit for Christmas Day and I still stick to that Tradition. I go pick up my sister and we go to our Mum’s house and open more presents. (The only plus to having separated parents, double the presents :D) We have definitely learnt from our childhood, we also have breakfast before we do the rounds. We go and visit the Cousins and see what Santa brought then we all normally end up at my Great Aunt’s house, where it is always jam packed with family and friends and its just pure Christmas Spirit and cheer. Me and my Sister always have our dinner with our Dad, Aunt and Nanny. My Nanny just makes the best food in general, but her Christmas dinner is next level. After our food coma/nap/movie, it’s usually just the right time to open up the tins of sweets and pringles, just in time for all the Christmas t.v specials.

It’s really just a lot family time and eating and enjoying people’s company. It’s what Christmas has always been for me and probably always will.

Merry Christmas 2


Merry Christmas!!




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