Christmas D.I.Y

I think this time of year brings out the D.I.Y-ness in both people with and without kids. Plus, there is no better feeling than decorating your home with things that you have made yourself.

It is definitely a lot more popular with the internet and Pinterest at your fingertips. People get together with friends and family and make things. I think that’s a really cool. out of the box idea. It’s something different, especially when parties and get togethers are all the same this time of year and it can get tedious.

I’ve made a list of fun D.I.Y ideas that you can get stuck into. To be honest I got most of my ideas from Pinterest because it just has everything!

Candy Cane Wreaths

Paper Snowflakes

Paper Doily Christmas Trees


Log Snowmen

Tree Branch Christmas Trees

Pinecone Decorations

Design your own Christmas Cards

Mason Jar Decorations

Make your own Gift Tags

Christmas Frame Decorations

Salt Dough Decorations

Create your own Christmas Tree Decorations

Wooden Pallet Decorations 

Merry Christmas!!


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