Christmas Treats

I love the cool themed baking that everyone does this time of year. I put some cool ideas together that you can put together easily. It can be fun for both adult and kids!! Some of these would also be really cool gifts for visiting other peoples homes at this time of year! Get your Christmas baking on!!!

Melted snowman cookies

christmas treats 1

Reindeer Rice Krispies 

christmas treats 2

Christmas Light Cupcakes

christmas treats 3

Gingerbread Men

christmas treats 4

Gingerbread House

christmas treats 5

Christmas Tree Cookies

christmas treats 6

Cornflake Christmas Wreaths

christmas treats 7

Reindeer Marshmallows

christmas treats 8

Santa Strawberries

christmas treats 9

Rice Krispies Christmas Pudding

christmas treats 10

Christmas Pancakes

christmas treats 11

Banana Penguins

christmas treats 12

Melted Snowman Chocolate Bark

christmas treats 13

Snowman Oreo Cookies

christmas treats 15

Marshmallow Penguins

christmas treats 14

Merry Christmas!!

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