Christmas Home Decorations

It seems pretty strange for me to be doing this now, as my Christmas Decorations have already been up close to a month. Yup I am that person, but I don’t care what other people think. I would have it up the day after Halloween if I could. I just love the look, it makes a home look cozy. And there is just that permanent feeling of joy anytime you look around your house.

So this blog will take you around my home, so you can see what I have done to turn my house into a Christmas Wonderland. (That’s me being over dramatic, there is definitely more Christmasness that I could add, sadly that would require a lot more funds. But one day…..)

The Front Door

The Library (the spare room with bookshelves)


The Hallway 


Sorry for the bad photos. There is no natural light in the hall, so this was the best of a bad bunch. Also I named certain ornaments that I have. That is Paul, the Owl and Monty the Penguin. Yes that is a Christmas hat he is wearing.

The Kitchen


 The Livingroom

My Favourite part of the house!!!!

As you can see, it is very clear why the living room is my favourite room. It really does have a Santa Cottage vibe. I tried to show you all aspects of the decorations as best I can. It is hard to get the magic across on a photograph. But believe me, it is truly magical, especially when you’re sitting in Christmas jammies and watching Christmas Movies all day, everyday. It’s the best feeling.

Also if you’re wondering, yes, I have also named the reindeers that are front and centre. The larger one is called Murphy and the little one is called Peter. (I know that’s insane. But again, who cares!!!)

So there you are, I hope you enjoy that “photo blog”. It really enjoyed doing it, getting the hang of actually doing my own photography. It’s fun, I know they aren’t the best, but I am getting better. Practice makes perfect! Let me know what you think and let me see your own photos of your Christmas trees!!

Merry Christmas!! 🎄🎅🏻🤶🏻🎁⛄️❄️

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