Monthly Goals

December has finally arrived! The month of Christmas has officially begun. We can open those Advent Calendars. Send our Christmas cards and spread that Christmas cheer. (Can you tell I am slightly obsessed?!)

Hello December

It’s freezing outside, the mornings are white with frost. Hopefully there will be a chance of snow, preferable when I don’t have things to do! (That would be great, thanks!) I got thee best Christmas hat, it is a Mickey Mouse Hat wearing antlers that light up. I can wrap up in my cozy scarf and coat and enjoy the cold.(Yes, I do prefer the colder weather than the warm.)


Winter is here indeed!!

Hello December 3

I have been quite constant with keeping up with my blog goals. I have really embraced the doing my own photography, I really have taken to it. I find it very enjoyable to just mess about with the features on the camera. I love arranging for a photograph, I am starting to understand what you need and what looks good and of course what doesn’t look good. I have started focusing on staggering my social media promotion post, I have found that it helps with the site traffic, rather than doing them all at the same time. However, my numbers haven’t been the greatest this month, so I really have to figure a way to increase that number. Hopefully the themed post will bring in that traffic. On that point, I have been working very hard on the Christmas posts. I am trying to make them entertaining and useless and in some cases fun. I am really looking forward to publishing those and I hope they are received well.

My personal goals have been okay this month, not a good as I had hoped. My attitude has taken quite a dip into the negative pool, I am not sure why, I think it just goes hand in hand with the depression and I need to accept and expect the down spells. I have been trying really hard to get myself out the funk, and as I have said before, it does take time and I do need to give myself that time. So I think the love myself more goal from last month has been happening in reverse. But that’s okay, part of loving myself more, is accepting me for me and that includes the depression. But I do feel myself coming out of it more and more, plus the Christmas vibes and decorations are helping. I always put my Christmas Decorations up at the beginning of November, and I think the reason for that is that I know it helps with my Depression, it doesn’t cure it, but it does help brighten up my mood for the most part. I have started wearing make up. I have entered the world of needing everything that looks pretty and glittery. I do need to practice thou, it is taking me a while to get used to all the techniques. Thank god I have a good teacher!!

Hello December

December’s Blog Goals

  • Increase my social media posts and presence – I have been skimping a little, so I need to get that up again.
  • Get my site traffic number up!
  • Continue doing my own photography and experimenting with it.
  • Start working on creating my own blog header signs.

December’s Personal Goals

  • Continue working on my weight loss- you’re probably sick of seeing this goal, but it will also be here. My weight is an issue that I am working very hard on and this goal will only change when I am at my goal weight.
  • Really work on being more positive – I have been slipping into a more negative environment lately and I don’t like the way it makes me feel, I think it just goes hand in hand with the depression and unfortunately this month the depression has had a bit more of a presence than normal.
  • Increase my water intake – I was doing well but I slipped slightly so I need to icrease it again. My skin is definitely suffer from the decrease.
  • Work more on my writing – I don’t mean my blog writing, I mean my own story writing, I have kinda put it on the back burner for a bit. So I think I am ready to get back into it.


Chritstmas Tree
Merry Christmas!!! Xx



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