Apps/Websites That I Love

We all have the “go tos”, be it on our phones or computers. These are probably to top apps/websites that I use on a daily basis. So here’s my list. Let me know what your most used or favourite apps and websites are to use!

Instagram – I pretty much use Instagram close to twenty times a day. I use it to promote my blog. I use it when I’m bored. I can easily get distracted by it.


Pinterest – Pinterest is my go to inspiration/motivation/promotion/boredom buster that I could spend hours on. I use this app for everything!


Spotify – All my music needs come from Spotify, I use it all day, everyday! My family have the family subscription, we all use it.

music 4

Facebook – I don’t use it as often as I once did, but it is still part of my daily social media apps.


WhatsApp – I am in constant contact with family and friends on WhatsApp. It’s just so handy and free.


Dropbox – I use Drop Box to back up all my phone photos. I’m that person who takes the most random pictures but at the same time won’t delete any.


Amazon – If I need anything, no matter what, even if I can get it in town, I will probably order it from Amazon. It’s basically a one-stop shop.


YouTube – I follow a lot of daily vloggers, and plus YouTube have everything you need, be it a tutorial to clean the oven or just to catch up on the latest.


WordPress – Of course this is an important one. I couldn’t do this without WordPress!!


IMDb – I get stuck with names quite a lot, so IMDb is a big app for me, when I am trying to explain a show or movie to someone. Or even to see what’s new out and when.


New Look – I buy all my clothes from New Look. It is very rare that I buy clothes from anywhere else. Maybe Penny’s (Primark) but that would be it. They just have my style no matter what season.


Disney Store – Who doesn’t love Disney. I have a thing about their mugs, I have a little bit of a collection going on. My family think I’m a tiny bit crazy. But it’s Disney!!!

Disney Store

Sky Go – I find Sky Go really handy if I am stuck somewhere and bored. Plus a lot of my TV shows have started again so I am always excited to get watching. I either use this or Netflix.

Sky Go

Netflix – Does that even need a reason! Everyone loves Netflix.



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