Who/What Inspires Me

Over the past few years, I have felt that my life has been zig-zagging all over the place, like I haven’t been on the right path that I should be on. So because of that, I have been online, I made the motivational quote boards, I done the goals list and I have looked to a few people for inspiration and guidance. These people have had there own struggles and have come out the other side successfully. The speak out about what they went through, they have helped decrease the “taboo effect”.

The first person that inspires my is Giovanna Fletcher. I know you should never compare other people’s lives to your own, But Giovanna’s life is as close a possible to my expectations of what I want my life to be. Yes I know she isn’t perfect but that’s not the point. She married her childhood sweetheart, and I know from reading their stories and watched their vlogs, they have been through a lot of hard and difficult situations. From mental health to fertility and everything in between. But you can see they truly love each other and things may have brought them even closer together.

The main reason why Giovanna inspires me so much is her writing. She started off writing to fill the time between acting jobs which seemed to give her the writing bug. She started writing for different blogs and magazines to the point that she now has her own weekly magazine column. She is also a published novelist, her first book “Billy and Me” (which I have previously review as my first book review blog, go check that out.) which was published in 2013. Since then, she has had a few bestsellers. When you read her books, you instantly fall in love with her characters. She makes them so realistic and very relatable. They aren’t these perfect characters with the best lives that you would be envied of. They have flaws like the rest of us. You can tell that I lot of love went into her books and I think that makes them so much easier to read.

Giovanna is one of the people that I follow on Instagram and look forward to her “instastories”, where she has documented quite a lot of her writing process. She shows the true reality of being an author. She has showed that the process is long and hard work and sometimes mentally draining. However, she never once complains, she seems to truly love what she does, and that definitely comes across in her books. The pride that both her and Tom have when they completed their books and the excitement they have on publication day. I truly want to discover that feeling of excitement and pride in something that I have created and presented for the world to read.

She is one person that I look to when I’m struggling. She is a very positive person and really sends out a lot of positivity in what she does. She has also taught me a lot about PCOS, as she has been very open about her struggle with PCOS as well as her fertility issues. To me, she is someone I inspire to be like. I don’t compare my life with hers obviously as mine fails to compare at all, but I look to have the same ambition that she does when it comes to writing. She is someone that inspires me to work hard and write as much as I possibly can.

The next person that inspires me is the magnificent author of the magical Harry Potter series, J.K Rowling. The creator of magic for children everywhere. J.K Rowling is a huge inspiration to never give up.

Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve.

She had a very difficult time of it while she was trying to write Harry Potter. She left a destructive relationship knowing it was the best decision for her and her daughter. She became dependant of Government benefits to take care of her daughter. She went through quite a period of depression. But did that stop her? No!!

I do believe something very magical can happen when you open a book.

She made the decision to used her struggles and incorporate them into her writing. She created dementors of out her depression. She turned a truly awful experience into a wonderful storyline and characters. She used to own life experiences (childhood and adult), where is lived, the people she met, new and old. She never quit. She had a story she believed in and had to write. She created a world of magic and the most iconic characters that many people still adore and I think will always adore.

The stories we love best, live in us forever

Even after numerous rejections from publishers, she still continued to send out her manuscript. It was then picked up by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC and was published June 1997. She was then able to continue writing the story she had completely invested herself in.

It’s important to remember that we all have magic inside us

She is just a truly inspiring person. For me, she has shown me that you should never give up something you love and that sometimes you just have to go for it. You have to completely believe in yourself. On the days when I struggle most, I either read Harry Potter or I watch Harry Potter. It has become a comfort thing for me. And I think that if she had given up, decided to just get a regularly boring job, we wouldn’t have the wonderful magical world of Hogwarts, we wouldn’t have encouraging characters that give us realistic advice and we wouldn’t have the motivational J.K Rowling quotes.

Harry Potter Books.jpg

The world is full of wonderful things that you haven’t seem yet. Don’t ever give up the chance of seeing them

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