My Favourite Space

There are a few “spaces” that I have. Places that I love to just go and sit on my own, listen to some music and just think and create. Somewhere I can go and let my mind wonder and imagine what’s to come.

This is my favourite place!!

This is my bedroom which I have recently re-decorated, and I just love it. I did it all myself, I painted, built the furniture and did all the little D.I.Y projects to put my own stamp on it. I think that’s why it’s my favourite space. I take great joy in the time and effort I put into it, the designing and executing of my design. I take great pride in it, it was something I created from nothing, the colours, patterns, the furniture. I think that’s why I feel so creative in this space. It’s a space that came from my mind and I think it reminds me that I can creative anything I put my mind to. It gets all the creativeness flowing.

It’s a space that I use for meditation. It’s at the back of the house, so it’s very peaceful and quiet. I am physically comfortable and I feel mentally comfortable. It’s multi-functional, I can let my mind spin and wonder and create, but I am also able to bring my mind to a stop, let the thoughts disappear for a short time, let myself relax and concentrate on myself. There are very few places that I can go, that my mind is able to do both!

It’s a place I receive a lot of comfort from. When I’m feeling down or upset, I can climb into my bed with a book or watch a movie and I will feel almost 10 times better. There is just that comforting feeling. Like someone holding you, giving you a hug when you need it most. It calms me.

As you can see in the pictures, I have a beautiful picture of a sun set in Paris. Paris is on my bucket list, I love the picturesque-ness of the city. I also have a similar picture as my computer background. The picture give me a sense of joy. I can stare at that picture for hours and imagine standing there taking that photo. I can imagine all the travels that I want to have, the possibilities are limitless and sometimes I need reminding of that. I just have to be patient and know that things will happen at the right time for me.

Where’s your “favourite space”?


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