Book Review

I have been in a bit of a “reading funk” for the past few weeks so this weeks review is probably more of a recommendation. I haven’t read this series in a while, but I think I might tuck in to it to relive the literary magic that is contained within these books.

So this weeks book is Deadly Intent by the wonderful Lynda La Plante. Deadly Intent is the fourth novel in the Anna Travis. The first ever murder/thriller/crime series that I ever read.

Book Summery 

A fatal shooting of an ex-police officer from the muder squad in a notorious drug dealers squat in North London, and the murder squad is gathering. Determined to find answers, DI Anna Travis tries to put all thoughts of her previous boss – lover – James Langton far out of reach, and strikes out on her own.

She knows that the victim had recently married, and that his grieving widow Julia is a glamorous, wealthy woman. Then Anna discovers that Julia’s ex-partner was one of the most wanted drug-traffickers in the Western World, handsome, charismatics and supremely dangerous. Alexander Fitzpatrick hasn’t been sighted in 10 years. Has he gone to the ground using an alias or is he dead?

As the body count rises and the investigation becomes ever more complex, Fitzpatrick falls under suspicion. Is he still alive in the UK? Could he be the killer, with terrifying access to the most lethal drug in existence?

Energised by her findings, Anna comes under increasing fire from her formidable new boss to toe the line. A new personal relationship beckons, but then into Anna’s life comes the last person she ever wanted to see again.

Deadly Intent
Book Cover
Lynda la Plante
Lynda La Plante –

Book Recommendation

What can I say that I haven’t already said about Lynda La Plante. She is a true literary genius.

This Anna Travis series is the reason I love reading today. They were the first characters that I fell in love with. The still remain a big part of my reading life, they were very influential in what I choose to read, the are the basis to what I compare any other characters to. These books are part of the reason why I love to write and why I wanted to become a writer in the first place.

I found Anna Travis as a very relatable character. She is a very determined character. She does not give up easily. She throws herself completely into her work. She makes herself stand out in a very male dominated profession and ensures that she receives the same respect the her male colleagues get. Although, she does have her flaws, sometimes she forgets about her social life, she sometimes gets too involved in the cases and sometimes she falls in love with the wrong people. She is the type of person to go off and do her own thing, and doesn’t think of the consequences until after the fact. But you definitely can say that she always has the best intentions.

James Langton has a lot of layers to his character. He comes across as a very rude, insensitive, over masculine man who doesn’t take shit from anyone. He tends to bully people into doing what he wants. He seems to care an awful lot about his career and in doing so jeopardises his personal relationships both in and outside out work. However, throughout the series, we begin to see a completely different side to Langton. He becomes vunerable and begins to open up to those close to him and you see the more gentle, kind and caring man that he can be when he chooses to be. He was the very first fictional character that I fell in love with. Those book worms out there will understand what I mean by that, I am not insane!

So this was kind of like a review, but more so for the series rather than a single book. But I do highly recommend the Anna Travis series, it will change your world!!





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