Monthly Goals

For me, the Christmas countdown has begun! I’m that person that has my Christmas decorations too early for some people. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t care anyone. I just love Christmas that much, that I like to enjoy it for an extra few years. It’s my favourite time of year!!

The weather has taken a drop in temperature finally, it’s cold and in the evening when you breathe in it stings your nose and lungs. I love it. You get to wrap up all cozy and not overheat. It’s the best feeling.

This month will be a bit light on the blog posts. Don’t worry though, there will hopefully still be 2 blogs a week. November is one of those months that it’s hard to have themed blog post. I will be working hard of content for a lot of Christmas themed blogs for next month.


My blog has definitely been growing. My readership has increased and I feel that my blog are slowly getting better. I loved doing my own photography for a few of my blogs, I realised that I quite enjoy the process. I had a “pins” goal, and I think that has helped increase my site traffic a lot more, I have noticed a lot more people coming from Pinterest and exploring the rest of my blogs. I would absolutely call that a success. But I do know that there is a lot more work to do to get my blog to wear I want it to be.

My personal goals have been going quite well. I have been really pushing myself to drink as much water as I possibly can, I have noticed its benefits, my skin feels clearer and more hydrated and I don’t feel as bloated as I normally have done. My skin has been reaping the benefit over the last month, between the increased water intake and having a better skin care routine, my skin as never felt better. It looks better and therefore I feel better. The daily affirmations can be difficult to keep up with, some days I just don’t feel myself or I feel so gross that I don’t believe what I am trying to tell myself. So I made it a point to make one of November’s goals, to love myself. I need to really accept myself and not put too much pressure on myself to conform to today’s society.

November 2

November’s Blog Goals

  • Continue working on doing my own photography – try new features on my camera
  • Continue really promoting on all social media platforms
  • Keep working on increasing my site traffic
  • Work on my big seasonal blog posts

November’s Personal Goals

  • Continue working on my weight loss
  • Find new exciting workout routines
  • Start wearing make-up – this is a big one for me, I am not big into make-up but lately I have been more interested in my appearance.
  • Learn to love myself more – accepting myself for me, not comparing myself to others and not putting too much pressure on my self.

Happy November Everyone!!

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