Favourite Halloween Memory

My family were never big into celebrating Halloween. Yes we did dress up and treat or treating. But it was just never a big deal.

However, there is a memory that sticks out for me when I think about Halloween. I would have been maybe 6 or 7 years old. I was dressed up as a witch. Although to be fair I don’t ever remember not being a witch. I was also a witch costume with a really bad quality witches broom that shed.

Because my Parents both worked on Halloween, my sister and I spent a majority of our days off school at my Nan’s house (maternal grandmother). My best friend at the time, lived right around the corner, so we spent a lot of time together, Halloween being no exception. I remember being the only children going around trick or treating at like 3 o’clock during the day, and actually getting a decent haul, although there was always that one person who handed out fruit and the woman you gave children her coppers. As if we didn’t realise that was pretty worthless money.

I remember most Halloween evenings when me and my Sister were young, we always made our way to Kilkeel (a seaside village in the North of Ireland, near the Southern boarder.) to my Nanny’s house (paternal grandmother). My Aunt would always have sparklers, which we of course had to write our names in the air with over and over, because it just completely amazed us; and these things called “bangers”, they were little pouches of powder and literally made “bang” noises when you through them on the ground. We were very easily pleased. Although I would still be pretty pleased to have them as a 22 year old adult also.

My Dad and Aunt would buy a shit tone of fireworks, this was a time when you didn’t need a license and could essentially buy them in the “Pound Shops”. That used to be the best thing as a child. We used to get wrapped up and go out into the front while my Dad lit firework after firework. Still to this day, I love watching firework displays, they just remind me of such happy memories as a child.

I know it’s such a simple memory, nothing big or exciting happened. I think it’s the simplicity that makes me remember it so vividly. Also, we rarely did anything as a family, I think it gave my the “happy family” picture that even as an adult I have in my head. I was simple fun and family time well spent.

happy halloween 2

Happy Halloween!! Everyone Stay Safe!!

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