Halloween Decoration Ideas

I’m not someone who decorates hugely for Halloween. I like the simplicity of pumpkins. It’s my favourite thing to do. So I decided to make a blog of simple things you can do to decorate for Halloween without having to spend over the top prices.

happy halloween 2

  • Wrap some bandages around mason jars, stick on some googly eyes and you have a mummy. To add something extra, add some fairy lights to your jars.

mason jar mummies

  • To create your own spiders, all you need is some black balloons and some black ribbon.
  • Get your wicked witch vibes by getting some stripped tights and a pair of old red shoes. Stuffing them so that they will stand upside down.


  • Get carving your pumpkins for your own pumpkin display.

oct 4

  • Save your empty tin cans and paint some monsters on them.

Tin cans

  • Paint and decorate your pumpkins for a different effect.
  • Get some white and orange balloons, and draw pumpkin, ghost and skull faces on them.

Halloween balloons 1

So there you have it, decorating at a discount! Let me know if you gave any of them a go, or if you have any different ideas.

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