Mad Hatter Day

Happy Mad Hatters Day!!!

Mad Hatter’s day falls today on the 6th October, in accordance to the numbers that are seen on the Mad Hatter’s Hat from the Alice in Wonderland series.

Mad Hatter’s Day has its own tradition of basically having people acting as silly as they possibly can!! This can range from dressing up, playing pranks on people to just engaging in outrageous banter with others. It’s a chance for people to just have fun and let go for a day!


I have complied a list of things that you can do to celebrate Mad Hatter’s Day!

  • bake some jam tarts
  • create your own Mad Hatter hat or headband
  • bake all your favourite treats
  • have your very own tea party
  • read aloud “A Mad Tea Party” from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
  • Dress up as any of the members of the Mad Tea Party
  • Dress your pet up too and have them join in too
  • Experiment and try new, exotic teas for your tea party

What’s most important just have fun and embrace the silliness!!



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