Fall Home Décor

If you’re anything like me, and love fall. You also love to add little things that brings that Fall feeling into your home. The rich autumn colours and those autumn smells! Sadly where I am from, we don’t have many choices to choose from, if any at all.

So, I have sat down and gone through each room in my house and thought how could I make things more Fall like without spending too much or changing my existing décor very much!

love fall

  • Add pillows – add some pillows to your living room. You can add a mix of plaid, pumpkin, red, and green coloured.

fall 11

  • Add throw blankets – add a wool, fall coloured or plaid throw blanket to the back of your sofa or armchair.

fall 20

  • Scatter mini and normal sized pumpkins around your home and garden.
  • Paint pumpkins – paint your pumpkin different colours, maybe pastel coloured or go for the mix of fall colours. You can also design them rather than paint.
  • Add fall flowers – add some different fall flower arrangements to a table or side table to bring that fall feeling into any room.
  • Add candles – add some pumpkin/ cinnamon and spice scented candles to any room to give your home that warm fall feeling.
  • Hang a wreath – hang a fall wreath on your front door or inside your home. There are lots of DIY wreaths that I have seen online, that I would love to try.
  • Hang some themed tea towels in your kitchen.
  • Add a fall coloured/design table cloth to your kitchen table.
  • DIY mason jars – use some burlap, paints and fairy light to create a fall themed table decoration.
  • Add palate boards – I love seeing those palate boards with calligraphy writing and fall coloured or themed.


Happy Fall Everyone!!!



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