Book Review

Today’s book review is The Mephisto Club by Tess Gerritsen. The Mephisto Club is the sixth novel in the Rizzoli and Isles series.

Book Summery

“I Have Sinned” The words are scrawled in blood at the most shocking murder scene Forensic Pathologist Maura Isles and Detective Jane Rizzoli have ever witnessed. The victim, a young woman, has been entirely drained of blood and horrifically dismembered. When there is a second murder, the police uncover a link to a secret society known as The Mephisto Club. Their mission is a terrifying one – to find the true source of evil on earth.

the mephisto club

Tess Gerritsen –


This has definitely been the most suspense filled, nail-biting, interesting book in the series so far. It explores a very different topic that you don’t normally see an author approach. Tess Gerritsen goes into great detail of the ancient satanic rituals and the history of it all. I loved the twists and turns of the secret society and how they get themselves twisted within the murder investigations, much to Jane’s agitation. I absolutely loved that nothing was what you thought it was. There was so many twists and surprises. It kept me glued, I couldn’t put it down!

If you have read the previous books in the series, you will really notice a lot of changes in the relationships between the characters. Particularly with Jane and Maura. For the first time, you see a true friendship blooming between the women. It was lovely to see, especially as both women don’t have many friends in their lives. I love the fact that they really care for each other and have stuck together no matter what. However, as you get into the book, things get a bit tense between them both. The tension has been caused by Jane being worried about Maura’s relationship with Father Daniel Brophy. She doesn’t want Maura to get hurt. However, Maura does not want Jane to worry and sadly takes her worry the wrong way.

Over the last few books, a relationship that has really stood out for me, has been Maura and Daniel’s. Since they meet, they really had an immediate connection. As their friendship continued and they got closer, Maura could no longer deny her feelings for Daniel. In this book, it becomes a very important topic for the pair to confront. Sadly, it has caused a lot more trouble for Maura than she ever though it would. This has been what has caused the tension between Jane and Maura. Jane just wants the best for Maura and doesn’t want her doing something that she will later regret.

I really enjoyed the satanic aspect of the book. Although, Gerritsen has made her murder scenes extremely gruesome, the detail of the rituals left at those murder scenes is on a new level. I found it so fascinating learning about the ancient satanic rituals and the history that came along with it. It’s very rare that you become so engrossed in a book, at the same time learning about the satanic history but it doesn’t feel like your reading a text-book. Gerritsen is a genius in my eyes.

The Mephisto Club is a very unique aspect of the book which I loved. The club is a secret society. A small group of extremely well-educated men and women who have felt they have all confronted evil at some point in their lives. They seek the true source of evil on earth. They believe that they are hunting the devil. They play a huge part in the book, they are the ones who are giving the much-needed insight of the rituals and symbols left at the murder scenes. They go into to huge detail of numerous meanings of the symbols that have been left at each crime scene, I found it extremely interesting.

I was glued to this book, any free minute I had, I was reading this book. It is filled with intense, interesting aspects. Tess Gerritsen produces masterpieces anytime she writes. I don’t think she can write a bad book. As it is a different sort of crime thriller, it may not be to everyone’s liking. However, I would certainly recommend you give it a go. It is so well written I think you will love it.

Let me know if you have read it, and what you thought of it!!


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