Tour of my Bookshelf

So today’s blog is going to take you through my bookshelves. I am going to show you how and why I arrange the way I do! One note, I am working on my photography skills, they are slowly getting better. So please bear with me!!

Bookcase #1

You will notice through my shelves, there is a lot of James Patterson. I am a huge fan of his work, so I do own quite a lot of his books.

My first shelf is the Michael Bennett series by James Patterson. Next to that I have the bookshots that Patterson has recently began to release on a regularly basis, which is a plus to any book lover.


On the top of my first bookcase I have my POP! figures displayed. I love POP! figures in and around bookshelves, I think it just adds that something extra to your “library”, plus I think they look cool! Any book nerd loves that something extra.


I am a huge Harry Potter fan!! Anything Harry Potter related I must have!! I have always loved those photos that you see on Pinterest, with the “READ” on their shelves. But, I could never find something that I loved. So I decided to make one myself, and to make it better, I made it Harry Potter themed. I have Harry Potter glossy photos from a colouring book that I had, so I cut those out in the shapes of the letter.

R = Dumbledore’s Office

E = Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes Shop Front

A = The Burrow

D = Flourish and Blotts

I got an old cardboard box, and spray painted it black, to match my bookcases. I stuck my letters on with some double-sided sticky tape and there you have it! Ta-dah!! I also loved the POP! figures placed around the Harry Potter shelves.


I of course own the complete Harry Potter Collection. It was a must for me. I have only recently read them, and I was glad I waited so long because I think I appreciated and enjoyed them a lot more than if I had read them as a child. I also have The Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts. I recently bought the 20th Anniversary edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, in all the House Colours. At the end I have the Creature Vault, which as the most amazing pictures inside, as well as the Making of Fantastic Beasts.


On this shelf, I have the Women’s Murder Club series by James Patterson, I have read all sixteen, but sadly I read them originally on my Amazon Kindle, so I am slowly but surely buying them so that I own them all in their physically book version! At the end are some stand alone thriller by James Patterson also.

I like to add that extra something to make so through my shelves, you will see some handmade Harry Potter quotes. I think it makes the shelves stand out, and makes them look visually pretty!


This shelf, I have my autobiographies. I have such a range of autobiographies, from actress Melissa Joan Hart, to Lauren Graham to Model Ashley Graham! I have such I wide range. I don’t normally go for autobiographies, but if I am a big fan of that person, I will get their autobiography.


This is the shelf of books that don’t really belong anyway or in a group. It is usually books that were given to me or that belong to my Dad. This is where they all go!


Bookcase #2

Lately, I have taken to jigsaw puzzles, and when I had seen this one, I knew exactly where it had to go! For those you don’t know what it is, it is Diagon Alley from Harry Potter. I think it looks stunning and adds that bit of magic to my bookcase.


Here we have most of the Alex Cross series by James Patterson. Before I have finished one, Patterson has a new book for the series, I am slowly but surely catching up with him!!


This shelf has a bit of a mix of thing. We have the NYPD series by James Patterson. So of his stand alone thrillers and then his Confessions series at the end. In between that, we have the Rosie Project Series by Graeme Simsion. Something that you haven’t seen yet. I do love a happy ending kinda of book. I sometimes read so many crime thrillers, that it is nice to have an uplifting book in between.


I have my Richard Castle and New Release stone alone thrillers hardback by James Patterson. I have the David Baldacci King and Maxwell series. I also had to add some Disney in somewhere! So I did the Beauty and the Beast stained glass window and made the frame with old bits of cardboard which I spray painted with black paint. My Rocky Horror Picture Show movie cell book mark also stands front and centre for everyone to see! It is a collector edition I will treasure for years. I have the Disney stories with a twist, they are books that look at the possibility of a different outcome for each Disney Princess. The last book is the back story of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast.


Lynda La Plante is one of my top favourite authors. On this shelf I have the Anna Travis series, which was my first ever crime thriller that I ever read, which caused a love of crime thrillers to begin. I owe a lot to Lynda La Plante for my love of books. I also have the Tennison (prequel to prime suspect series). Lynda La Plante is a genius when it comes to writing!


This shelf also has a bit of everyone. I have the complete Rizzoli and Isles series by Tess Gerritsen. There is a mix of crime thrillers from Jo Nesbo to Martina Cole. There is also Gone with the Wind in among it all as well as Revenge wears Prada, the sequel to Devil wears Prada.


This shelf is half and half. On one side, there is the Prime Suspect and Lorraine Page series by Lynda La Plante. On the other side, I have my lovey dovey, tear jerking novels, by Jojo Moyes and Giovanna Fletcher. They just give me that break of realities and lets my mind wander to the uplifting happy endings!!


There you have it, those are my bookshelves. As you can see, I am almost ready to break into my third bookcase. I love them, I got lost in my own world when I look at them. I love just standing in front of them and breathing in that goo book smell that all book lovers understand! Thank you for spending your time on the tour of my bookshelves, I hope you enjoyed it, and maybe found some inspiration to spruce up and add something special to your own bookshelves.

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