Birthday Blog

I have to say my 22nd birthday is one to beat. I was well and truly spoilt!! I love birthdays, I always have and I enjoy to whole idea of just making the day about that person. My family definitely did that.

I woke to the wonderful present from my Dad! The glorious Snoopy Collection Vans!! I just loved them. They are so cute and so pretty! I love how simply they are. There isn’t a big pattern and they are completely different. Neither shoe is the same. I love that!!

I of course treated myself and went and got my hair did!! If you can’t do it on your birthday then when can you do it. I later met up with my Sister, Nadine. Her present was also shoes. As you might already see, I love me some shoes. As well as the colour pink! They are amazing, I loved them! Who doesn’t love Tweety Bird!

I also went shopping and bought myself another two pairs of boots. I am ready for Fall season, I love the Fall colours. And I love a comfy boot!


I went shopping with my Sister, thought I may as well treat myself to whatever I want. It’s the one chance you don’t have to regret buying things for yourself! I got the most cozy, fluffy scarf. As you know I love Fall colours, when I seen those socks in Fall colours I just had to get them! The bag was a must, I went with my shoes and plus I did need a new bag. I thought it was more of an essential purchase. That’s what I tell myself anyways. The slipper socks were also a must, anything Disney must be mine!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am pretty much sitting ready for the cold weather to arrive. The POP! figures were also a gift from my Sister. I collect any and all POP! figures, which go into my bookshelves. I just think they look so cool, especially among all the books. And it’s Harry Potter, how could it be any better!!


Obviously, I couldn’t let a shopping trip end without buying any books at all!! There would be something wrong with me if I did! I can’t wait to get stuck into these. Be prepared for some book reviews coming your way!!!


That evening, my Mum and Sister took me out for dinner and I had to take a picture of dessert, because it looked incredible and it tasted even more incredible than it looked!! I’m drooling just thinking about it!! Plus isn’t a thing no matter what, you must take a picture of your food, sadly I think I am turning into that person!


To finish my great day, my Dad got me a birthday cake, so of course, we had to do the obligatory standing awkwardly while my family sing “happy birthday” and take pictures of me blowing out my candles. Cheesy as it is, I do kinda love it!!

As you can see, I had an amazing birthday, spent with the people I love. As simple as the day was, it was my sorta day! And I really enjoyed it. I has been the best birthday for a few years and one to truly beat!! I want to thank my family, and I want them to know that I really appreciate them and what they do for me!

Here’s to my 22nd year, and hope it’s better than last!!!



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