Grandparent’s Day

So considering today is Grandparent’s Day, I thought I dedicate this blog to them! I am very lucky to have 3 Grandparents with me. There is probably not a week goes by that I don’t need them for something! They are always there.

My Maternal Grandparents are extremely selfless people. They reared 3 children and played a huge part in rearing 5 grandchildren, and they never complain about it! No matter what you ask, the answer is pretty much always yes. In the past few years I have seen them go from just about able to use the sky TV box to being able to use an iPad and smart phones. I think it’s just so funny when they are trying to figure out technology, not of the time the give up and ask me, who most of the time hope that turning it off and on will fix things, but they don’t need to know that! ๐Ÿ™‚ I would truly do anything for them.

So to Eilish and Brendan, Happy Grandparents day!! xx

My Paternal Grandmother, is pretty much the best person you can have in your corner! She says whatever is on her mind, she is probably the most honest and trustworthy woman I know, she doesn’t hold back. She would never let you walk out of the house looking stupid. She has your back! She is always up for helping you move furniture or completely changing your house around even if she doesn’t like your idea. She is there for you no matter what. She’d give you anything and everything she had if you needed it!! And if she didn’t have it, she would do everything she could to get it or do it for you!! She is an incredible woman and I’m lucky to have her.

To Emma, Happy Grandparent’s Day!! xx

Last, but not least, my Paternal Grandfather, Martin is no longer with us anymore, but there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him. I miss him a lot, and I always think of what he would be like if he was still here. I can’t forget about him on Grandparent’s Day!

So, to Martin, I wish you a Happy Grandparent’s Day!! xx

To all the Grandparents, you are the best! We love you all! Happy Grandparent’s Day!!

GP day

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