Why I Love Fall

So it is pretty clear that I LOVE this time of year!! The colours, the weather, just everything about it! For me, it’s the best time of year!

fall 30

If your a bit of a sceptic and think I am insane, here me out. This is a list of why I LOVE Fall………

fall 33

  • Cozy hoodies
  • Hot chocolate tastes better this time of year
  • Fuzzy socks
  • Cold weather
  • Layers
  • Sunny cold days
  • Cozy coats, scarves and gloves
  • Fleece blankets
  • Comfy fleece pyjamas
  • Carving pumpkins
  • Changing colours
  • Beautiful nature views
  • New season premieres
  • Cozy movie themed nights
  • Fall coloured nail polish
  • Cold crisp mornings
  • Dark cozy evenings
  • Hearty soups
  • Boot season
  • Driving in the rain

fall 34

How can you disagree with all that goodness!!! I can’t wait for the colder weather!!! It’s impossible to hate this time of year. It brings Halloween, fireworks, duvet days, Christmas!

Let me know what your favourite thing about this time of year?!


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