22 Things I Have Learnt in 22 Years

In celebration of my 22nd birthday today! I thought I’d do a dedicated post. Also I felt this one is an appropriate one, I have seen a lot of bloggers do this sorta blog and I always love reading them. I fascinating how people interpret their lives in basically 22 points. So I thought I’d give it a go.

22 1

The 22 thing that I have learnt in the 22 years I have been alive are…………

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff

There’s bigger more important things in life that need your attention. You’ll realise the small things are a waste of time worrying about.

2. Fewer Good friends are better than 100 people you barely know

I know that’s a bit of a long-winded one, but it’s true. You’re going to lose a lot of friends over the years, but you will always have the good, true ones, they will always stick around.

3. You’re not going to please everyone

It’s important to do things for yourself and not in hope to please the people around you. Remember your decision affect you more than they affect anyone else. Do what is right for you!

4. It’s okay to cry

It feels so much better to let it all out sometimes, it’s a relief almost. The more you bottle up your emotions, the worse it gets, the worse you become at dealing with your emotion. It is a vicious cycle. So let those tears flow!

5. Take plenty of photos (and print them)

We have become too dependent of technology I think. Capture the moment and print it, you’ll never lose it that way! Plus there’s is something special about looking through old photo albums and reliving all your memories

6. Life is short

Experience and try everything and anything you possibly can. Don’t have any regrets.

7. Don’t judge or compare yourself to others

You never truly know what other people are going through in their life. It may not be a life you would want. So never wish for someone else life, accept who you are, love who you are. You are an extraordinary person. One of a kind. Believe it!

8. Travel

If the chance present itself to you, jump at it. Go. Live life. Have fun. Experience different life, cultures and cuisine. It’s something I haven’t done yet, and I 22, I feel a real urge to want to travel.

9. Shit Happens

Sometimes we just have to deal with the cards we have been dealt. Life moves forward, you have to move forward too. It helps create the person you are. It strengthens you!

Life goes on

10. Life isn’t a race 

Everyone around you might have their shit together and are beginning to accomplish their life goals. Don’t worry, it’s okay not to have it all figured out. There is plenty of time. Sometimes you have to experience life to finally decide what it is you want to do in life.

11. Love your body

Love the body you have. Embrace it. Treat it well, nurture it and it will carry you a long way!!

12. Ask for help

Although it’s hard, but it’s okay to need help sometimes. We couldn’t move forward without it. Don’t let something as simple and easy hold you back. Most of the time, you find people are happy and willing to help.

13. It’s important to love what you do

Don’t feel pressured into education or a job just for the sake of it. Do what is right for you. Remember you’re going to do the same thing day in day out for a long, long time. You have to love it, or you’d go insane. So find what you love and turn it into your job. It will never feel like work again.

14. Meditate daily

Or as much as you can. It really does help to reduce your stress levels, which can help make your life that bit easier!

15. Music and reading can do a lot of things

Getting out of your head can do wonders. Reading especially is my go to. It can help heal, so use it!!

book review 3

16. You can never be too old for Disney

It’s just not possible. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You’re forever a Disney Princess!

22 4

17. Don’t waste time on drama

At 22, you’re too old for petty drama. It is an unnecessary tension and stress that you do not need or want.

18. Live in the moment

We spend a lot of time regretting yesterday and worrying about tomorrow. Be present, enjoy the moment you’re in. What will be, will be and you can’t change that. So don’t worry yourself silly over it.

19. Treat yourself

Don’t feel guilty about treating yourself. If you work your ass off, then why not?! You deserve it!

20. Your family is important

You may have hated being around them when you were younger. But they are the most important people you will ever have or need! They will always be there, even when sometimes you don’t want them to be!

21. Put your phone down

Like I had said before, enjoy the moment you are in. Have that conversation with the person in front of you. Even if it’s only 10 minutes, give each other your undivided attention. No technology involved!

22. Dream Big

Sometimes, not all your dreams will come true, but never let that stop you. Let your mind wander and be creative! Remember, if you work hard enough you can accomplish anything you put your mind too. You can make anything come true. Don’t let the Debbie-downers make you think any different!



So there you have it! The 22 thing I have learnt in my 22 years. I know life has barely even started and I sure there will be plenty of more lessons to learn! But for now. Happy birthday to me!!!!!

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