Monthly Goals

How is it September already! This year is just flying by, it’s crazy! But I have to say I love this time of year! The fall/winter season. It’s my favourite! Those crisp cold morning that you can wrap up warm but still feel the cold sting on your cheeks, or the dark evenings that you can spend nice and cozy in the house! It just warms my heart thinking about it!


I think I have definitely been succeeding with my blog goals that I set myself last month! I have been very strict with myself especially with my calendar planning. I feel that it has made this a lot easier, I don’t have any writer’s block, I can sit down and get a few blog post done in the one day sometimes, the creativity is flowing I don’t want to stop it. I go with it! In my opinion, I think my blog post have been interesting, although I’ll let you decide that. My book reviews have been a big hit, which I was surprised about, but I am happy with it, as you know, my favourite thing to do is read, so I love writing the reviews. I have been pushing my post and it definitely has boosted my site traffic, but I would like to see it increase further.

I’m pretty proud of myself for hitting my blog goals, however, the personal goals that I set myself have been a lot harder to hit. I have completed a few things on my house to do list, there is still a lot left on that list, but those are a bit on the more expensive side. I was able to do the things within my financial bracket. The rest will have to wait for a while! I have been working on the PCOS, I am getting there, slowly but surely. I just need to stay positive about it, ever little bit counts and I need to remember that. It will be a long battle, but I know that if I stick with it, I will reap the benefits!

september 3

September’s Blog Goals

  • Continue pushing and promoting my blog posts
  • Begin trying to do some of my own photography
  • Include some more seasonal posts
  • Continue getting more site traffic

September’s Personal Goals 

  • Find a job (yes, it’s proving a lot harder than I thought)
  • Continue working on getting rid of my PCOS
  • Have more family time (everyone gets so busy it’s hard to find the time)
  • Work on focusing on myself to help ease the anxiety and depression. Increase my positivity outlook

september 4

What’s your September goals? I find setting goals for yourself can really help with increasing positivity. Plus it help push yourself, find that potential that we all have!!

Happy September Everyone!!

september 5


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