My Perfect Day

Everyone has their own specified “perfect day”. Everyone’s is different, but everyone has defiantly thought about it. You’re lying if you said you haven’t.

The “perfect day” for me is nothing big and extravagant, it’s actually quite simple and ideally spent with your partner, other half, someone you love! Makes it all the better!

best day 1

Ideally the “perfect day” would be a cold rainy Saturday. I know who loves rain, but Fall and Winter is my favourite time of year!

We would lie in till around 10am, I think that’s an ideal lie in. I am the sorta person that hate to waste the day away sleeping, I love to get up early and experience and take advantage of the day, even if I don’t have anything planned. You find yourself more motivated I think. We would have a nice breakfast at the kitchen table, spend our time just talking, planning out our day. Just enjoying each others company and taking in the nature and weather.

best day 5

After breakfast, we would get cozy on the sofa, with blankets and pillows, our own little fort! You’re never too old to build a fort. We would have either a Harry Potter or Disney Movie marathon! Then after lunch we would either nap or maybe read, it depends how tired I am.

rainy day 5

We’d watch some more movie, taking in the bad weather outside and being cozy and warm inside! There is something about that, that just warms my heart. I just can ‘t wait for the crazy winter weather to start!

We would dress up a bit, nothing fancy, just something nice that makes you feel good. We would eventually leave the house and go for a drive somewhere. I love driving or traveling in the rain, there is something so relaxing and calming about, I find it beautiful. We would just soak that in. Just being in the presence of someone you love, doing someone so relaxing plus some good music added in equals the “perfect day” right there!

rainy day

There is nothing better than going out for dinner, I love it. I love treating myself! We would go somewhere nice for dinner, a nice restaurant, and enjoy the company and our environment.

After dinner, we’d go for a bit of a walk, and then go home. Back into the jammies and into bed. Maybe watch an episode or two, to wind down and relax. And plus nothing is better than those random late night conversations. It’s the best!!

best day 6

I know, that sounds totally cringey and cheesy. But sometimes, you just need days like that. Something to unwind, and relax. It’s fun, romantic and to me the BEST DAY!!

best day

Let me know what your “perfect day” is!!

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