Monthly Goals

It has taken a little while longer than I had thought to get back into the swing of things here! I had a new vision that I wanted for my blog. I had new ideas on posts as well as the design. It just took a bit longer to reach. I want my blog to be a “go to” for everyone. I want it to be easy to read, light and full of motivation and inspiration for others!

I want to do things right this time. I plan to organise my time well and fight through the writer’s block! I want to have fresh and exciting post hopefully every week for my readers. I love to write and I hope that I can live up to these goals. Everything crossed!

August Blog Goals

  • Begin calendar planning
  • Work on blog post – make them fun!
  • Pushing and promoting my posts
  • Begin increasing my site traffic
  • Setting time aside solely for the blog

August Personal Goals

  • Find a job
  • Start focusing on myself
  • Getting some house projects on my very long to do list done!
  • Working on getting rid of the PCOS

I know the list are short now, but I’m pretty sure once I getting going and a few months done the line, they will get longer as I begin trying to further my blog.

What are your August Goals? Share in the comments, I would love to hear from my readers!

Happy August Everyone!

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