50 Healthy Habits to Live By

I have recently changed my lifestyle choices to become a more healthy person and improve my mental health. Here is the list that I have implemented.

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  1. Start every day fresh
  2. Check your bank statements regularly
  3. Moisturise daily
  4. Socialise with friends, put your phone away
  5. Adopt a “Meatless Monday”
  6. Exercise regularly: 2hrs of T.V=30 minutes
  7. Cut out junk food
  8. Drink warm water with lemon every morning
  9. Don’t try to keep up with the Jones, you’ll lose
  10. Ensure you use all benefits that you are entitled to
  11. Practice safe sex. Always
  12. Never shop on an empty stomach, you’ll buy more than you need
  13. Start cycling
  14. Keep healthy snacks with you always
  15. Don’t do drugs
  16. Don’t smoke
  17. Eat super foods as much as you can
  18. Look after the clothes you own
  19. Pay off all debt as soon as you can
  20. Never skip gynae appointments
  21. Don’t go over your drink limit
  22. Don’t snack if you aren’t hungry: if you wouldn’t eat an apple, you’re not hungry
  23. Use SPF
  24. Don’t rely on sleeping pills: try some green tea or meditation
  25. Drink at least 8oz of water daily
  26. Make your home a place you want to be
  27. Don’t waste money on things you’ll only use once
  28. Use YouTube for free exercise and DIY videos
  29. Make your own cleaning supplies
  30. Drop change into a jar every day for a year
  31. Stand up for yourself
  32. Avoid tanning beds at all costs
  33. Take medication seriously: don’t abuse it
  34. Listen to your body, it knows more than you do
  35. Don’t skimp on sleep: aim for 8 hours a night
  36. Do mental health check regularly
  37. Always read the label
  38. Practice stress management
  39. Optimise your fertility
  40. Always wear a seatbelt
  41. Wash your hands often: reduces the chance of colds and stomach bugs
  42. Floss after brushing
  43. Always sneeze into your arm, it’s a lot more sanitary
  44. For every 20 minutes on the computer, look away for 20 seconds. give your eyes a break
  45. Always count to 10 when you’re angry
  46. Learn to take constructive criticism
  47. Never self diagnose yourself through the internet
  48. Meditate daily
  49. Read regularly
  50. Spend time with friends at least once a week

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